Summer Must-Haves Men Should Invest In

Men usually tend to dress like teenagers in their free time, but this seems to be a big issue for their female partners. Cargo shorts and band tees are no longer allowed in men’s wardrobes, as long as they’re over 30. But what clothing articles should you suggest to your partner invest in this summer? We have a comprehensive list below that will certainly help you.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

If you want your boyfriend to dress in a more structured and visually-appealing alternative to the old band shirt, a polo shirt is the type of clothing article you’re searching for. Search for embroidered polo shirts if you want to give him a more playful alternative, these are amazing, especially if you collaborate with a great designer. They most likely have facile access to high-quality shirts, which will be embroidered with high quality threads, with patterns and design ideas that you and the designer will come up with. This a more mature version of the basic shirt, which truth is, will not complement too many body types. If your boyfriend or partner has more of a “dad” body type, a polo shirt will offer a better outline, more structure and an overall more appealing look. These shirts look amazing with boat shoes and a pair of chino pants and will make your partner look mature and successful. We recommend investing in multiple colours, as change is always welcome.

A pair of tailored shorts

As previously mentioned, all men should ditch their cargo shorts, as long as they’re no longer teenagers. Convince them to replace those with some pairs of tailored shorts, as a more mature option. These are generally slimmer and more flattering, not to mention the fact that they offer a successful air to the wearer as these are more structured. Choose high-quality fabrics, as you want breathable pairs of shorts. Pay increased attention to the length as well. You don’t want to invest in too short articles, as the mistake will be easily noticed by everybody and will make your partner feel uncomfortable. Opt for neutral colours, as these are easier to match with various shirt colours.

A pair of comfortable boat shoes

Compared to your partner’s sneaker shoes, these ones are a sensitive upgrade. These are more reminiscent of a pair of loafers rather than a pair of sneakers and they perfectly fit in a variety of outfits, from casual to elegant. When your partner is not wearing those with tailored shorts and polo shirts, convince them to try a pair of thin cotton pants and a thin cotton shirt.

These are more mature clothing article options for men than what they are traditionally waring during the hot summer days. Take your boyfriend to a shopping spree and convince them to try the articles presented above. As these are equally visually appealing and comfortable, they will instantly fall in love with those. Choose high-quality fabrics, above all, and everybody will be happy.