7 Most Expensive Global Brands


Nowadays, you can buy a handbag for only $50 or as much as $379. So, what’s the point in spending so much money on luxury items? They are the best ones in the world.  You do make a positive impression on others, but you also enjoy things that don’t suffer wear and tear. The next time you need a handbag or you want to update your look, you should invest in luxury goods. When you shop online at florianhelier.com, chances are that you don’t care too much about how much income a company generates. Well, you should, at least to expand your general knowledge. Aren’t you just curious to know which are the most expensive global brands?

1.     Louis Vuitton

That Louis Vuitton products are lavish is known to everyone. What you mayn’t have known is that Louis Vuitton is associated with a brand net worth of $28.8 billion. The most expensive luxury brand continues to withstand the test of time, providing everything from bags to watches. Why are Louis Vuitton products so extravagant? Because they don’t ever break down. When you buy a ticker, for instance, you make a lifetime purchase.

2.     Gucci

How much is Gucci worth at present? Approximately $12.7 billion. The Italian brand’s products are some of the most luxurious ones the world has ever seen. You can buy diamond-incrusted belts, designer sunglasses, and special edition watches, that is, if you can afford to. Gucci only caters to the needs of those who are financially potent.

3.     Hermes

Hermes International S.A. is an iconic luxury brand that brings about fashion accessories like bags, scarves. Let’s not forget about the perfumes, jewelry, clothing, and footwear. The company is worth $10.6 billion. It’s impressive when you come to think that Hermes began in the saddler and fine equestrian leather goods. Sure, not just everyone can afford the price tags yet owning a Hermes product is worth it. At some future time, a bag will be more valuable than stocks or gold.

4.     Panerai

Panerai belongs to  Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, which is worth $6.6 billion. . The company is worth a lot. However, we don’t know for sure how much since no such information has been released. What can be said is that Panerai watches are more expensive than Rolex ones. If you’re interested in a luxury timepiece, prepare your wallet.

5.     Burberry

Burberry fashion house is undoubtedly one of the most valuable ones in the world, achieving a brand value of $3.38 billion. With new technology, Burberry managed to grow 80 percent in the last year. By technology, it should be understood artificial intelligence, big data, and radio-frequency identification. Trench coats, sunglasses and cosmetics are all pricey but that’s what makes them so desirable in the first place.

6.     Choppard

Choppard makes exclusive Swiss watches and jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The company set up by Louis Ulysse in 1860 sells nothing but fancy items. It’s not therefore surprising that they’ve joined the ranks of billionaires. $1.7 billion is the value of everything they own. Should you get your own Choppard timepiece? If you want a watch that features a luxurious casing and is generally exceptional in construction, the answer is yes.

7.     Florian Helier

Florian Helier literally exploded on the market. The company offers a comprehensive selection of luxury lifestyle products like watches and accessories. If you want to get your hands on a dream timepiece, then visit florianhelier.com. The distinctive label may not dominate the list, but they can’t complain that sales aren’t doing good. As a matter of fact, Florian Helier’s extraordinary products will one day get the company to the top.