Health and Beauty Benefits of Sauna Baths

The sauna bath is more than just a space for cleaning the body, it was seen as a ritual in which the basic elements were used for purification purposes. One might even say it was the first form of Spa, combining facilities such as hydrotherapy, massage and beauty treatments. If we think, even today saunas are used primarily for the purpose of inducing relaxation and promoting well-being. Read this article, to learn more about the health and beauty benefits of sauna baths.

It strengthens the immune system and prevent colds

Thanks to the heat and humidity from the air, the dry sauna is intended to facilitate certain processes in the body, such as the synthesis of antibodies and destroy bacteria and viruses, since pathogenic microorganisms can not withstand high temperatures in the sauna. Thus you will be able to strengthen the immune system, preventing colds in the first place, without taking medications or other treatments.

Sauna is equivalent to a cardio workout

During the sauna session, the body undergoes changes of the respiratory system equivalent to those during cardio. Sauna increases heart rate, dilates arteries, lowers blood pressure and so on. Thanks to the heat your heart rate will accelerate, dilating the blood vessels, leading to a noticeable improvement in blood flow. All these conditions that occur can accelerate your metabolism.

It improves the respiratory function

Sauna, releasing hot air and humidity dilates the pulmonary capillaries, enhances breathing and therefore the supply of oxygen that enters the bloodstream and reaches the tissues, maintaining an optimum humidity in the lungs.

Effects on the skin

Sauna oxygenates the body, the blood in the skin, rejuvenating it and it stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. It also accelerates nail growth and keeps your skin hydrated. Sauna helps eliminate dust particles absorbed by our pores, and the peeling dead skin cells that will peel more easily. Due to the very high temperatures, while using the sauna, you can detoxify the body through intense sweating. The sauna can also make treatments for skin more efficient and allows you to apply different masks in a more efficient manner because the heat helps the absorption of creams and increases their efficiency.

You can relax completely

Physical and mental relaxation is a benefit of the sauna bath. You can easily get rid of stress and relax during a sauna bath session. The heat can relax muscles and therefore the sauna is particularly recommended after an intensive workout (fitness, dance, tae-bo, etc.). Then followed by a massage can do wonders on the entire body.