How to Stay Ahead of Fashion Trends

It’s one thing to keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends – it’s something else entirely to stay one step ahead of the curve. Generally speaking, those with a genuine interest in new ladies fashion make every effort to remain on-trend at all times. Nevertheless, it’s normal to occasionally find yourself in a position where just as you are picking up on the latest fashion trend, you realise that your friends and colleagues stuffed their wardrobes with the looks you are just discovering quite some time ago. All of which suggests one thing – you haven’t quite got your finger on the pulse of fashion just yet. You have every intention of remaining up to date, but haven’t yet mastered the art of trend-spotting.

Which begs the question – is it really possible for those who don’t actually work at the heart of the industry to stay ahead of fashion trends?

In a word, yes…yes it is!

Where Trends Come From

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the fashion design industry that makes all the decisions when it comes to the latest and upcoming fashion trends. You may have got the impression that designers simply have ideas out of thin air and make up the latest fashion trends using nothing but their own imaginations. In reality however, it is actually culture and society in general that mould and shape their decisions. They watch what’s going on around them on a local, national and international basis, in order to determine their next moves.

And given the fact that you yourself are a part of culture and society, there’s no reason why you can’t keep an eye on things likewise!

Here is a brief look at three tips for helping ensure you stay one step ahead of the game:

1 – Just Look Around

First of all, you need to wake up to the fact that fashion trends can come from absolutely anywhere and at any time. As such, it’s simply a case of taking the time and stopping to smell the proverbial roses. You need to proactively increase your awareness of what is happening around you, both at home and on a global basis. More often than not, fashion trends first emerge from various corners of Europe and then slowly make their way to other countries spanning the world.

In terms of getting a sneak peek of what’s to come, you will usually find most shops begin selling the next season’s looks a couple of months before they are actually relevant. Which is why even when those warmer autumn and winter clothes start arriving in the middle of summer, this is exactly when you should be paying close attention to them. When there’s a pre-season sale, this is a great opportunity to find out what’s likely to be big over the coming months.

2 – Future Focus

These days, you don’t need to rely on a crystal ball or some wacky fortune teller to find out what the future of fashion has in store. The reason being that you have unlimited and instant access to an extraordinary variety of blogs and magazines, which quite literally spell out for you exactly what you can expect going forward. Bloggers in particular tend to have their fingers well and truly on the pulse of future fashion and are becoming more and more influential all the time. Which in turn means that when a highly influential blogger tells you to expect something, chances are it’s information you can bank.

Of course, it remains for you to decipher the difference between what’s going to be an important fashion trend and what will be nothing more than a temporary fad. The long and short of it being not to fall foul of the latter, as chances are the looks you invest in will be hopelessly outdated almost as soon as you have picked them up.

3 – Lead by Example

Last but not least, while absolutely anyone can jump on the bandwagon and follow the latest trends, it takes an entirely different kind of person to become a trend setter in their own right. The simple fact of the matter is that there is no way in this lifetime and the next that each and every trend that comes along will suit you. You might find that it is often quite to the contrary – if the trend isn’t right for you, there’s no point trying to make it right for you.

Instead therefore, focus on exactly what works for you and to some extent stepping away from the crowd and leading by example. Chances are you will get so much more satisfaction out of occasionally going your own way than by religiously following the herd at all times.