Latest trends from this season’s fashion weeks

Fashion week’s season has come and gone, but the trends it left behind are here to stay. Runways have been invaded by beauty and creativity that have left us with plenty of ideas for what we will be wearing next spring. And while for autumn – winter 2017 things are really settled and you should have already made your shopping, you can now start creating your wish list for the upcoming warm season. From prominent designers to start ups showing their collections and impressive collaborations, the latest months have been full of iconic moments. It is impossible not to find out the latest fashion styles, but there are so many tendencies that you may feel overwhelmed. Colors, patterns, fabrics and specific cuts – these will all come at you just as fast as spring does. Do your homework in advance and allow us to answer your questions and introduce you to the most important (and easy to replicate) trends this fashion week’s season excelled in:   

What colors will we be wearing?

Next season will bring us face to face with bright and vibrant shades, quite suitable for spring. Just as Pantone predicted, fashion weeks’ runways were invaded by yellow. This means that the color is still going strong and will be the “it” tone of spring 2018. Ranging from soft butter to electric lemon or warm honey, designers used it abundantly in their collections, so get your sunglasses ready. Also, as the famous TV series claims, orange really is the new black, meaning that it is the new popular color in town. We will clearly see it a lot, in hues varying from the soft melon to peach and even the deep tangerine and bright orange peel. It is true that these are not the easiest shades to match, but you can always go for a monochromatic look!

What are the most popular patterns?

Besides the traditional floral patterns, specific to spring season, we will also be seeing a lot of other prints on clothes, next year. Among these, the most common ones are stripes. The trend has been around for some time now and it will not leave anytime soon. Vertical stripes in particular, seem to be very stylish, since more than one legendary designer proposed them on their shows. And besides being extremely fashionable, here is one more reason for you to embrace this trend: it is flattering for any silhouette. Petite girls will love it, but taller girls can wear it as well – this is how versatile it actually is!

Is atleisure still a trend?

Taking into consideration that basically, everything in the 2000’s is cool again, yes, wearing sporty clothes out of the gym is still a strong tendency for spring season. Track pants are a thing, both on the runways and on the streets. And since the trend is one of the most comfortable and easy to match, why not try it as well? Athletic wear is no longer a ‘faux pas” in fashion, so feel free to get creative.