Make clients feel like VIPs at your hair salon

Your dream of having a hair salon has finally become true. After years and years of working under the direction of other hair salon owners, you have your own place. You dress professionally, are up to date with the latest hair trends, and do a good job. What is more, you use salon booking software to streamline business operations. Yet, you do not get too many customers through the doors of your hair salon. The reason why you are not winning people over is that you do not provide an excellent customers service. If you do not provide an excellent customer service and make clients feel special, do not be surprised that they do not come back to your hair salon. Treat your clients like VIPs and they will love you for it. Here are a few tips for you.

Remember clients’ names

You have a photographic memory, meaning that you are able to remember visual images. It is easy for you to recognize places and, of course, people that you have met, but you have difficulty when it comes to remembering names. Even though you do not have many clients (you have just started your hair salon business), you cannot seem to remember their names. This is a bad thing because recalling clients’ name can help your salon a lot. Names are sort of singular identities, so the moment you call someone by their name, they immediately light up. If you simply cannot remember people’s names, use the salon booking software. Look up the upcoming appointments and learn the name by heart.

Offer the best experience at your hair salon

If you want to be known for a top-notch service, you have to treat all your clients like VIPs. It is needless to say that VIPs deserve the best experience at your hair salon. You are offering an experience, not a service, so better make it a personal one. When it comes to delivering a personalized customer service, the salon booking software can help you. This advanced technology does more than let you schedule appointments. It lets you gather info about your clients’, like interests, occupation, and preferences. Use the info you have gathered to create the ideal hair salon experience. People will appreciate your effort and dedication, you can be sure of that.

Send thank you cards

If you have never written a thank you card, there is no better time like the present to start. All you have to do is express your gratitude in a few words. What are you so grateful for? For the fact that people have sent business your way. This will happen eventually.  Do not go through the trouble of writing the thank you cards by hand. Just send emails. You have the clients’ contact details stored in the salon booking system, so use them. Clients will be impressed to see that you were willing to go the extra mile for them. Who knows? Maybe they will send even more business your way.