Practical guide – Ways to use organza bags

Women always tend to get inventive and repurpose items in ways many might not think about. They turn old tires into stylish coffee tables; make brush holders out of old coffee cans and T-shits of their partners into light summer dressed. It is natural for us to find new means for old or odd objects. It would not surprise you to find out there are many uses for those little organza bags you find online. Therefore, place an order and buy organza bags, and below we are going to tell you the ways you can use them.

1. Organize your jewellery

If you do not have enough room for a jewellery display, it might be helpful to store your belongings in an efficient way. Use the little bags and sort out your items in different categories. Put in different bags your earring, rings and necklaces. Use organza bags in different colours so will always know what it’s inside of them without opening them. Simple, yet efficient. If you have a corkscrew display, you can always pin the bags on it to save some time when you need something inside of them.

2. DIY aromatherapy bags

If you have trouble sleeping, lavender might come in hand. If you need to be more focused on workplace, rosemary is your ally. You could buy an entire rosemary plant for your office, but a more discreet way to benefit from its effect would be to put some rosemary in a small bag and place it on your desk. This way, you won’t draw a lot of unwanted attention on you. To use more efficiently lavender for calming effects, fill a small bag with this plant and place it under your pillow. Change the smell of your room by placing some dried orange skin in an organza bag in winter and dried lemon and mint in summer.

3. Organize your beauty products

If you can organize  your jewellery in small bags, why couldn’t organize your beauty products as well? Put lipsticks of similar shades in the same bag. Mono eye shadows can also be organized by colour spectrum in different bags, and if you travel, it would be a great idea to take your cotton pads in such a bag. This way, you will maximize the space available on your luggage, without giving up some important items.

4. Keep your handbag tidy with small bags

Women are notorious for their handbags. Nobody but them seems to be able to find something inside. However, sometimes, even women themselves have difficulties in finding “that important small object” they need. Change, for example. If you want to have a special place for every small items that might end up in your bag, put them in small bags. This way, you’ll be able to always find your change or tweezers.

Organza bags come in different colours, patterns and textures. They will match every room’s design if you decide to display them on a corkscrew board. Moreover, there are a good way to organize various small items.