Reasons for choosing laser hair removal over waxing

Fashion wise, having a hairless body is an ideal for all women around the world. The image and feel of a hairless body makes women feel more self-secure and have higher levels of confidence, which enables them to appear sexier and more beautiful. However, little are the alternatives for long-term results. However, between those available we can say that those similar to this laser hair removal Toronto company are the best in terms of results and maintenance. From low maintenance, to the lack of pain during the process, there are several reasons you should choose laser hair removal interventions over the traditional waxing.

1. Laser hair removal is a painless intervention

While waxing, you have your hairs pulled out, which always causes severe pain during the process and leads to inflammation afterwards. The fact that the hair follicles remain opened a while after waxing, lets bacteria enter and cause it. Moreover, traditional waxing is sometimes performed with hot wax, another inflammatory element as well. On the other hand, laser hair removal procedures are non-invasive, painless and have great effects.

2. Waxing affects sensitive capillaries

The pull force of waxing, as well as the high temperature of the wax itself, affect thin capillaries leading to unaesthetic bruises. Of course, you will benefit from hairless legs, but you still won’t be able to show them because of the bruises you “won” during the process.

3. Laser hair removal procedures have fast and long lasting results

For effective results, there are necessary only a few procedures of this kind. You may already know this is the most durable type of hair removal procedure. On the other hand, waxing requires periodic interventions, for the luckiest of us, at least once a month. For the least lucky, once every three weeks the procedure must be repeated.

4. There are no restrictions to the treated body areas

Laser procedures can be performed all around the body, without any type of restrictions. Many women battle body hair not only on their legs, but also on their faces, backs and bellies. For many of those areas, waxing is not recommended, and not desired either. These are particularly sensitive areas, where waxing might generate high levels of pain. For best results regardless of the target area, we recommend considering laser procedures.

5. Your time is precious. Consider that

Waxing requires such a hassle. Appointments, delays, hours spent with your cosmetician. In our times, this defeats the purpose of life on fast forward. Juggling with additional tasks will prevent you from enjoying a little self-time. Consider laser procedures instead of waxing because they only require several interventions and the results will maintain for longer periods of time.

This may already confirm one of your thoughts on this type of procedures. They are more convenient than the traditional ones, cause no pain and lead to long lasting results. Your goal of having a hairless body will be accomplished by using those interventions.