Worst Celebrity Fashion Mistakes

Everyone makes a mistake when trying to put together a great outfit for a party or other event. It even happens to celebrities. Sometimes, you look in the mirror and think that you have an amazing outfit, when in fact the color choices or the outfit itself don’t fit you. If you want to avoid making a fool yourself when going out, do a little more research and learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Here are some of the worst celebrity fashion mistakes that you should totally avoid making.

Niki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has managed to be in the center of attention when wearing this scandalous outfit, but it wasn’t a good publicity stunt. Even if you look as cool as Nicki, it’s pretty hard to combine colorful tights, a Barbie tutu and high moon boots. Avoid combining too many patterns and different colors for your outfit or you’ll just end up being in the center of attention of everyone, but not in a good way.

Christina Aguilera

When you’re a curvaceous woman like Christina Aguilera, you should most definitely try to embrace your curves and highlight your strongest features, but that doesn’t mean you should wear uncomfortable tight clothes to show off your curves. This short dress has an appealing design and it’s the perfect dress for a night out with your friends, but it looks way too tight and uncomfortable. Wear something that allows you to feel comfortable at all times.


Metallic dresses have always been in, since the 70’s era and they represent the perfect choices to wear at a party with you friends or at a club. However, when wearing a metallic dress, try to stick with one trend. If you combine the metallic patterns with feather sleeves like Fergie did, you will look like you’re trying too hard to stand out in a crowd. Just keep it simple and wear something that suits you.


Kesha is all about wild prints and metallic accessories, and a little leopard print can make you look classy and fashionable but don’t overdo it, otherwise it will look extremely tacky. Kesha has probably learned her lesson when wearing this long leopard dress; don’t make the same mistake as her.

Vanessa Hudgens

We all like to feel comfortable while looking our best, it’s the best compromise after all, but when it comes to wearing a good pair of shoes at an exquisite party, it’s best to choose quality and style over comfort. Don’t make the fashion mistake that Vanessa Hudgens has made when she paired her stylish sandals with a pair of socks. It simply doesn’t work that way.