This season’s street style musts

Summer is here and with it, shopping sessions will also come along. Wandering around in malls can be really exhausting especially if you do not have a clear image about what you are looking for, which is why this article should work as your brief guide. It consists in three of the most popular garments you need to have in your wardrobe, so in case you do not already own them, make sure you purchase as soon as possible.

Sporty clothes

Whether it is a loose sweatshirt, colorful sneakers or jerseys, this season streetwear is all about sporty influences. Even the greatest designers have included the above mentioned items in their runway collection, so there is no reason why you should not try them as well. Do not feel self-conscious about wearing sneakers at work – there is nothing wrong about it anymore. In addition to this, there are plenty of daring combinations that will make you look both classy and effortless. And since the trend is a great mix of style and comfort, you definitely need to take advantage of it, while it lasts. Buy designer clothes or branded sport shoes and you will be able to enjoy a fashionable and laid back attire, no matter what you want to do. You can now try almost any combination, because almost anything is permitted, even the most daring fashion statements. For this reason, you should not be scared to experience something new and build a courageous personal style.


The cold shoulder

Although it may sound odd, the cold shoulder is actually a thing. If you are thinking about a striking upper piece of garment for the upcoming season, then you should definitely consider one that leaves your shoulders bare – hence the fashionable name. Ruffled blouses, bohemian dresses, elegant night gowns and even (not so) traditional shirts, they all come with a stylish cut around the upper part of the arms. When it comes to fashion, it is well known that what goes around comes around, so it seems that this 80’s versatile style is going to be this season’s comeback. So, regardless of weather conditions, at least one item designed in this style needs to make its way inside your wardrobe. The trend is extremely sexy without being vulgar, not to mention that it can be a real life saver during hot days of summer, when temperatures go high.


White shirt

During summer, white is everything! Elegant, neat, good for your skin and even for your health, white garments are exactly what you should wear on hot days. Laid back dresses, pants, sneakers and tops, they all look better on this light hue. However, there is one clothing piece that has managed to stand out in particular: the white shirt. Whether they come in a traditional cut, flared sleeves, ruffled collar neck, cut off shoulders or dressy length, white shirts are definitely on fashion bloggers and designers’ top options for this summer. What is actually amazing is that you can wear the item in absolutely any combination, from sporty attires to cocktail and office looks – this is how versatile it actually is.