Unconventional ways of accessorising your outfits

So you have a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for fashion, this means you are probably very attentive to the way you dress. However, regardless of how great the clothing items in your closet are, if you don’t accessorize your outfits the right way, any look you might go for will feel incomplete. Accessories are crucial for a perfectly composed attire, but in order to truly dress to impress, you should focus on making less dull choices in this department. Here are a few pointers on how you could accessorize your outfits in unconventional ways:

Wear ribbon as a waistband

Defining your waist might be necessary when you are wearing an oversized tee or sweater and want to keep your overall look feminine. A standard belt might be your first option when you want to obtain that hourglass figure, but even if you are incorporating a statement accessory of this kind, it won’t be as original as you might desire. A great way to obtain the desired results while giving your ensemble a dash of uniqueness is by using ribbon as a waistband. A strap of curling ribbon in a vibrant colour used to accessorized an all-black outfit will provide you with those attention-drawing vibes you are targeting – just give this idea a try and see for yourself.

Statement jewellery pieces

Whether it’s a long necklace or oversized earring, the right jewellery elements can turn around a rather uninspired outfit combo. When you are buying jewellery, try to avoid classic, safe option, but rather play around with more interesting and less than ordinary designs. Statement, large pieces can boost the appeal of a street look and make your appearance fashion-forwards. A gold, extravagant, large necklace for example, worn on top of a chunky, electric blue sweater together with some colourful tights will be the type of outfit combo that will make your style stand out.

Leather accents

You don’t have to go for the biker look in order to incorporate some leather accents into your fashion assemble. Leather accessories can update your outfit and make it seem more inspired and original. The regular leather bag or boost won’t do however, but focus on leather details instead. A necklace or a bracelet with leather elements, leather gloves, an oversized leather  belt are a few examples of accents that will make your looks have that edgy, modern vibes you want to obtain. The right leather accessories are great for fall outfits.  

While having designer clothes in our wardrobe and being good at colour coordinating your outfits will help you keep your style appealing, if you want your looks to have that fresh an original feel, you’ll need to be a bit more creative with your choices. The way you choose to accessorise an outfit can matter more than the clothes you are wearing, and if you opt for unconventional element, you’ll give your appearance that “wow” factor you desire. Use the suggestions above to bring a bit of authenticity in the way you dress – you’ll certainly love the results.