What is Skater Fashion - How it Became a Fashion Obsession

The fact that fashion trends come and go is nothing new, and as time passes, some trends emerge which leave us mere mortals stunned at how the fashion moguls figured out that those specific combinations would not only look good but make people want to wear them. In the last years, a clear obsession has appeared in the industry, more precisely the obsession with skater fashion. Yes, you heard us well – what some decades ago seemed like a big no-no is now accepted and actually revered by powerhouses like Dior, Supreme, and so on. If you are actually new to this trend and want to know what makes models fight over photo shoots in skater clothes and fashion houses design apparel only based on this casual, rebellious style, read our article.

Where and when did the craze originate?

While the birth of skateboarding streetwear began with Stussy back in the 1980s, the man who has become a fashion icon in this sport, the craze outside the community actually started two decades later. Gradually, big names in the fashion industry started implementing aloof skatewear in their new lines, from that point on the whole ordeal taking off and fashion houses battling over who impresses masses the most. Among the biggest fashion houses to praise this obsession and take it to new heights is Dior, Supreme, Bape, and Louis Vuitton, to name a few.

Are skaters down with this style appropriation?

As cultural appropriation has become the new rage topic these days, you surely must be wondering how skaters feel about the fashion industry barging in and appropriating their style. As the glam industry brought attention to their apparel and famous people who don’t actually take up this sport start wearing the clothing, the rest of the world seemed more than receptive to this style. Obviously, among the skateboarding community, opinions regarding this appropriation are splitsome view it as an identity theft by posers, while others don’t really mind it that much as it actually draws attention on this difficult sport as well. While it is understandable why it might get frustrating for your underground style to become the new hot trend, as aforementioned, the publicity drawn on the skating world is not bad at all if you look at the bigger picture – more kids are likely to get into this sport, people feel more acceptant of skaters and their dress code, and the media puts more attention on skating as a whole, not only the fashion science behind it.

Tips on dressing like a skater – Join the craze while it’s still hot

The casual, aloof style that comes with dressing like a skater will have you easily tempted to take it up yourself. Walking around in comfy, loose jeans, a rebellious printed shirt that hangs loose sounds like a good style to take up, right? If you answered yes, stick with us to learn how to dress to impress as we will explain how you can pull off the most iconic skater looks – the casual look and the punk look.

The casual skater look

  • Casual skaters wear non-restrictive clothes so that when they are riding the skateboard deck, they feel comfy and are able to move their body freely. Thus, you should wear jeans and shirts which allow you to twist your body and move as you like, having complete flexibility and freedom from this point of view.
  • Footwear is one of the most important elements in the skater look. You need flat-soled shoes that feel comfortable and provide a great grip, the go-to brands for skateboard footwear being Vans, DC, Lakai, DVS, Supra, and Fallen.
  • When you assemble your outfit, don’t make it look like you tried too hard. Be chill, just put on an old, comfy shirt, a faded pair of jeans, a hoodie or a snapback, and you are good to go. Also, avoid accessorizing too much as you will ruin the appeal of the outfit.

The punk skater look

  • What stands out the most when looking at a punk skater is his/her hairstyle. Get a punk haircut, die your hair in a crazy color if you are brave enough, put on your headphones and turn up some rock music, and sport a tough attitude to get the right feel.
  • Footwear has to be simplistic and match the rest of your outfit, so you must buy skater shoes in black or dark grey.
  • When it comes to what you wear, the best-suited apparel would be composed of a red or black tee with violent images reminiscing of punk culture. If tees are not your thing, you can go with tanks. Also, the jeans you wear should either sit tight on your legs, or you can opt for knee-length shorts if you’re not feeling the first option.
  • As opposed to the casual style, in punk skating territory you are actually encouraged to accessorize as much as you like – obviously, only as long as the accessories you wear are hardcore and representative of the punk culture.